Time to turn oil shorts into longs

Published: 13 April, 2015 10:20

Has the tide turned in oil prices? Certainly, there’s been a measurable rise in Brent Crude since its low of 4778 in mid-January, but that could have been expected given such a precipitous drop in the six months before.

Since then the price recovery has been measurable but muted, reaching a high of 6283 during February only to fall back to 5258 by mid-March.

However, during the last week, hedge funds have turned into a bullish mode for commodity indexes, with oil and gold leading the way.
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Oil Prices to Stay Low After a Rebound, Gold Boosted by a Delay in Rates Rise

Published: 7 April, 2015 12:57

Oil News

Despite oil prices rebounding on Monday with Brent crude at $58.12 a barrel, online commodity traders should be cautious, as a report produced by Goldman Sachs Analysts predicts months of low oil prices ahead.
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Gold and oil down, but which will rise in the near future?

Published: 11 March, 2015 13:33

Gold news

This morning online commodity traders woke to a fresh shock, another price drop in gold, a new four month low, completely wiping off all profits made in 2015. This was the seventh consecutive day of trading loss. Gold futures for April fell to $1,160.10.

Reasons for pressure on gold

The world economies are slowing, inflation is low, and gold has always been used as a hedge against rampant inflation.
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Swiss Investigate Possible Gold Market Rigging

Published: 25 February, 2015 11:47

In Switzerland, the country’s competition commission, WEKO, announced on Tuesday that they will be probing the possibility that the precious metals market has been manipulated in price fixing.

Since the Libor case in 2012, American and European regulators have increased their scrutiny of fixes on gold and silver prices as well as other commodities.

The price of gold is a standard that has been set by banks over the phone two times a day for a century.
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The highest volatility index since 2009

Published: 11 February, 2015 13:49

Volatility index for brent oil crudeIt seems as if oil has taken a pronounced rebound after its rather recent figures.

Indeed, black gold capped is largest 14-day rally in 17 years when news surfaced that a fall in production within the United States may serve to dent current supplies.

Not only did Brent crude at one point jump no less than 18 per cent, but the volatility index is at its highest since 2009.

The primary cause for this massive jump is due to what many feel has been a knock-on effect.
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Goldman Sachs think oil investors are up for a challenge

Published: 30 January, 2015 15:06

Brent crude oil crisisCommodity trading online may take one of the largest hits in recent times according to Goldman Sachs and other reputable analysts.

Driven partially by the massive collapse in oil prices over the past month, analysts have cut their forecasts once again from neutral to underweight.

The sectors which are expected to be affected include energy, metals and livestock.

While some feel that a cut in OPEC oil production may serve to boost prices slightly, a slowdown in demand may hint at a more protracted downturn for the first half of 2015.
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Little time likely for Big Gains

Published: 22 January, 2015 14:30

The markets for any commodity are always changing; sometimes with great rapidity.

This week, the oil market has seen a very brief, nervous upsurge in prices due to uncertainties surrounding all energies. The death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Friday has increased the nervousness felt by many.

For example, Brent crude futures reached a high mark of $49.80USD a barrel early in the day, then slowed to $49.30USD a barrel by 0650 GMT. This marked a trading change of upward at 78 cents.
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Continuing Eurozone Woes Hit Commodity Markets

Published: 12 October, 2014 13:58

Dollar strengthening hits EU commoditiesEurope could be facing a return to recession, according to IMF boss Christine Lagarde, with even the German economy, usually considered to be the powerhouse of the Eurozone, falling short of expectations. British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, also added a note of caution that the UK economy could also be affected by another downturn in Europe.

Stock and commodity markets responded negatively during early October, with oil being particularly hard hit as the Brent benchmark dropped to a four-year low during early trading on the 10th, hitting $88.40 before rebounding slightly.

Although partly driven by declining demand from a moribund Europe, increases on the supply side are also causing some disruption.
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Investor appetite is on the upswing!?

Published: 22 August, 2014 12:47

In the recent commodity trading news, is seems as if those allured by the profit of gold may be in for a disappointing return; at least for the short term.

As this benchmark indicator hints at other financial trends, recent developments in regards to housing sector data in the United States alongside a bullish dollar have caused the yellow metal to take a slightly bearish outlook.

Figures have shown that investor appetite is on the upswing; thus fueling their ability to enter into open trading positions. As always, the inverse relationship to the dollar is another reason for slight concern.
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Gold rises higher while the price of oil drops

Published: 4 April, 2014 13:38

Trade gold - price increasePeople often turn to gold as a safe haven in times of economic turmoil, and recent developments have caused a spike in the price of this perennially popular commodity.

On Friday, a low US Non-Farm Payroll number and a flat unemployment rate caused stock prices to plummet, with the S&P 500, the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq 100 all taking a hit.

It appeared that people were taking refuge in gold, which saw its price rise above the $1,300 round figure.
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