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Will the gold rally once again?

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Gold price rallyIn the latest commodity trading news, all eyes seem to be focused on gold’s potential to rally once again after taking a massive pounding over the last ten days.

Early during Monday trading, prices rebounded back above the important resistance level of $1,400 and although this rise is still seen as a far cry from the $1,900 witnessed a few years ago, many commodity trading experts see this movement as a welcome shine that gold may be regaining some of its previous lustre.

Why is the oil price up and down?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Commodities and North KoreaIn the latest roundup of commodity trading news, oil and gold have once again attracted the attention of many traditional and online traders. One newsworthy story is the rebounding of global oil prices after last week’s sharp knee-jerk reaction over the release of rather poor United States employment data.

Despite the fact that crude futures dropped sharply last Wednesday and Thursday, we have seen many investors buy on the dip and therefore prices have become more buoyant during the first half of this week. Whether this upward momentum continues is uncertain, for one of the factors affecting the weaker prices previously seen is the fact that a strong supply of crude in the States has helped push prices downward.