The most common commodities to trade

It has never been cheaper, easier or more profitable to get started with commodity trading.

You can read our guide how to trade commodities if you are new or want to learn more. When you are ready to start trading, read our review of commodity brokers. Or keep on reading below in order to find a commodity that suits your trading style.

10 most popular exchange traded commodities

Below we have listed the most traded commodities in terms of daily turnover (June, 2010).

1. Crude Oil: Discover the most widely traded commodity, crude oil.
2. Coffee: Might come as a surprise, but coffee is the second most traded commodity.
3. Natural Gas: For example used to heat up houses and offices etc, no doubt that natural gas is traded a lot.
4. Gold: Excellent hedge against inflation and dollar depreciation. Read more about gold.
5. Brent Oil: Common European energy source. Read more about brent oil.
6. Silver: Do as Soros, Gates, Buffet and some of the biggest investors, start to trade silver.
7. Sugar: You like it sweet? You are not alone. Sugar is the seventh most traded commodity.
8. Corn: Into salad? Green food is healthy. And corn is commonly traded as well.
9. Wheat: Another popular commodity is wheat, at place number 9.
10. Cotton: The 10th most traded commodity is cotton.