Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange

BM&F merged with Bovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange), the 4th largest exchange in The Americas, in 2008. The headquaters is still situated in São Paulo, Brazil. Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange is a fully electronic commodity exchange, enabled for commodity trading online.

Which commodities are traded at BM&F?

At BM&F you can trade commodities such as Brazilian coffee, live cattle, sugar, corn, soybean and gold.

Which instruments can I use at BM&F?

Futures, derivatives and commodities on spot basis can be traded on BM&F BOVESPA.

Cost to join BM&F BOVESPA?

Membership of BM&FBOVESPA is available only to persons in Brazil. International investors must go through a commodity brokerage in order to participiate.

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