Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Board Of Trade (CBOT) is the major American marketplace to trade oilseeds and grains. At CBOT you can trade over 50 different options and futures contracts. Every day, over 3600 members participiate in the trading floor at 141 West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago.

CBOT, The first standardized commodity exchange

Already in 1864, CBOT launched the first ever standardized “exchange traded” forward contracts, later called commodity futures.

Which commodities are traded at CBOT?

All kinds of oilseeds and grains are traded at Chicago Board of Trade, such as corn, coybean, wheat, oat, rice, soybean, soybean oil and ethanol.

Which instruments are traded at CBOT?

CBOT offer commodity futures and options.

Cost to join Chicago Board of Trade?

The annual member fee to join depends on your membership level. It begins at $12 000 and go up to $230 000 for full time members, enabled to trade any CME-listed options and futures contract.

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