CME Group

CME Group is one of the leading and most diverse marketplace for commodities, consisting of four designated contract markets: CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. CMS has formed global partnerships with other marketplaces arounds the world, such as BM&F BOVESPA, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, KCBT, National Stock Exchange of India and Imarex.

CME Group, The most diverse commodity exchange

CME Group provide the most diverse range of futures and options products available on any exchange, covering all major asset classes, including interest rates, equities, FX, commodities, and alternative investments such as weather and real estate.

Which commodities can be traded with CME Group

Basically, all kind of commodities – from oil to livestock and dairy.

Which instruments are traded at CME Group?

Commodity Spot, Futures and options are traded at CME Group.

Cost to join Chicago Board of Trade?

There are seperate memberships for both CBOT, NYMEX/COMEX and CME. The cost to join the CME Group as a member is usually between $590 000 – 625 000. Prices for memberships are determined in an auction.

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