Indian Commodity Exchange

Interest rates look destined to continue at bare bones levels for the foreseeable future. The public is losing confidence in the banking industry. Small wonder, then, that more and more people are turning to commodity trading as a logical addition to their investment portfolios.

India is shaping up as one of the most attractive places in which invest in commodities. Why?

  • Rapid population growth
    At the current rate, India will have more people than China by 2030.
  • Government investment in infrastructure
    The Indian government intends to spend USD 90 billion on high-speed rail freight lines, airports, power plants, sea ports, industrial clusters and similar industrial-related investments.
  • Manufacturing
    India’s manufacturing sector, growing at a rate of 8.8%, is the country’s single largest employer. More than 25% of all employed people in India work in manufacturing.
  • Growth in corporate earnings
    In Q1 of 2012, the top 30 companies in the Mumbai Sussex Index increased earnings by 35%.
  • Private equity investment
    India is attracting more private equity than China.
  • Growth in middle class
    The middle class has grown to 330 million, fueling demand for cars, financial services, telecommunication, housing, jewellery, etc.

Commodities traded on the Indian Commodity Exchange include:

  • Precious metals
  • Metals
  • Energy
  • Minerals
  • Fibres
  • Oils & oilseed complex
  • Other agricultural products

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