London Metal Exchange – LME

The London Metal Exchange is the biggest market in the world for non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are those that do not contain iron in any significant amount. Their importance as a trading commodity over ferrous metals, i.e., those that do contain iron, is that non-ferrous metals serve as raw materials for many industries.

Aerospace, mechanical engineering, consumer electronics, energy, medical devices, the steel industry, etc., all rely on non-ferrous metals. These materials can be further classified into two categories, common and precious.

Common metals

  • aluminium
  • copper
  • lead
  • nickel
  • zinc

Precious metals

  • gold
  • silver
  • platinum
  • tungsten
  • palladium
  • titanium

Commodity trading online is surprisingly easy and the London Metal Exchange (LME) of the Commodity Trading Exchange is a good place to start.

The LME has no fewer than 10 trading contracts in non-ferrous metals. Of these, the Aluminium Contract is by far the largest. The LME website provides information on the latest price, price graph, contract specification, industry usage, ring trading times and information about the members of the committee.

Other contracts on the LME are aluminium alloys, copper, tin, lead, nickel and zinc. Note that non-ferrous alloys, as well as pure metals, may be traded as commodities.

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