Tokyo Commodity Exchange – TOCOM

The Tokyo Commodity Exchange is also known as TOCOM for short and is a non-profit organisation that regulates the trading of a wide range of different types of commodity. In 1984 the Tokyo Textile Exchange, the Tokyo Gold Exchange and the Tokyo Rubber Exchange all merged to become part of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

This modern and impressive building is located on Nihonbashi Horidomecho 1-Chome in the Chuo-ku district of Tokyo and attracts traders from all over Japan as well as the rest of the world. It was founded in 1951 and operates all of the commodity markets that are necessary for dealing in the futures of various commodities of Japan such as precious metals, oil, rubber and aluminium, oil on the markets by closely following the Commodity Derivatives Act.

The Tokyo Commodity Exchange has a total capitalisation of just under two billion yen and currently employs 68 people. The atmosphere inside the building is always highly charged, as traders gather underneath the building’s numerous large monitors to scan the latest trade figures. The board of directors consists of 10 main people, including Director, President and CEO Tadashi Ezaki, Director, Senior Executive Managing Officer and COO Hideki Takahashi, Fumio Arai, Peter L. Jaeger, Kazuhito Ikeo, Mikio Kawamura and Jitsuo Tatara.

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