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China Iron Ore Imports Rise in September

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Chinese iron ore imports rose in September, according to Reuters data, as the country’s steelmakers ramped up output in the face of global trade tensions about the country’s steel exports.

Thomson Reuters Supply Chain and Commodity Forecasts data showed 82.5 million tonnes of iron ore, which is used in steelmaking, arrived at Chinese ports in September – up 2.5 percent on August and not far off July’s near record levels.

The data, based on ship tracking and port figures, does not completely tally with official Chinese customs figures, but typically doesn’t vary from them by more than 4 percent. China, which consumes some two-thirds of global sea-born iron ore, will release official trade figures for last month on Oct 8.


G20 Pledges to Tackle Global Steel Glut

Monday, September 5th, 2016

G20 leaders have pledged to work together to address excess steel capacity that has punished the global industry with low metal prices for years while raising tensions between China and other major producers.

A statement from the White House said that leaders at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, eastern China, on Monday (September 5) accepted that overcapacity in steel and other industries is a global issue that requires a collective response.

Proposals for the formation of a global forum that would seek a global solution and report back to the G20 next year underscore the growing resolve to support a sector that has long been grappling with chronic oversupply and sluggish demand.


Chinese Steel Futures Swing to Losses on Week Demand

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Chinese steel futures swung to losses after a moderate gain on Monday (July 25) as cooling demand in flood-hit regions outweighed output cuts in a key industrial region.

Spot steel prices in some northern regions fell after the floods interrupted transportation and sales as well as hit demand, despite a mandated output cut in Tangshan, a key steel producing area, traders said.

“The positive news is a bigger output cut, particularly for coking plants, in Tangshan, but demand has also been hit by floods in some regions. The market could be volatile this week,” said Yu Yang, an analyst with Shenyin & Wanguo Futures in Shanghai.


Chinese Commodities Rally on Hopes of Stimulus to Boost Economy

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Chinese commodities from nickel to cotton surged on Monday (July 4) on hopes Beijing will unleash more stimulus to prop up a sluggish economy, brightening the outlook for raw material demand.

An official survey on Friday (July 1) pointed to China’s weak manufacturing sector in June with export orders and inventories falling and factories shedding more workers.

“There are headwinds in the domestic market and exports and for the government to achieve its macroeconomic targets they need to focus on more stimulus in the second half of the year. That will be good for commodity demand,” said Helen Lau, an analyst at Argonaut Securities in Hong Kong.


Commodites Hit as China Flounders

Monday, August 24th, 2015

A Golden Exodus?

The focus of online commodity trading news has centred around the events in China over the past few days. With the Shanghai Composite Index falling no less than 8.5% before slightly rebounding, investors in precious metals such as gold have been selling off some of their holdings in order to recuperate losses. As this metal has been performing considerably well over the past month, it only makes sense that such a liquidation occurred. However, some wonder as to whether or not online commodity traders will seek to buy back their holdings with the continued volatility of the markets. While China has announced that it is reducing its interest rates by 0.25%, some experts wonder if this will be sufficient to bolster their weakening economy. Thus, we may very well see a resurgence in gold prices as investors once again look for a traditional safe haven against the open markets. (more…)

High oil stocks while gold trading price remains subdued

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Oil pumps in Saudia Arabia
This week, the crude oil price tag has fluctuated a few cents around the $57 per barrel level, while gold futures have been trading at a disappointingly low level for some – in the region of $1,175 to $1,177 per ounce.

Small fluctuations around $57 per barrel

Crude oil stocks are currently at an eighty-year high, this being attributed to Saudi Arabia curbing its military campaign against Yemen.

While there no longer seems to be the threat of oil price crashes, prices have dropped from around $58 to $57, which is a minor fluctuation when considered in the context of thirty-day movements, between $40 and $58.

Expensive to buy gold for Chinese investors

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Chinese gold investorsA sizable portion of this week’s news in regards to commodity trading places the spotlight on the near steady trading prices of gold.

The reason that we have not witnessed much of an uptrend has much to do with the weaker yuan. In comparison to the dollar, the yuan has been seen to be trading a much lower values than in the recent past.

As this will widen the margins between the Chinese currency and the dollar, gold investments have taken a slight hit due to the higher cost for the Chinese investor.

Why positive market results in China, EU and US?

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Economical growth in China Shanghai, AsiaThis past week has seen mixed results in commodities trading, with many online traders keeping careful watch on the relatively positive market sentiment emerging from China, Europe and the United States.

Much of this data serves to temporarily paint a rather bullish picture for economic growth in the short and medium-term.

Highlights included China’s manufacturing index hitting a two year high, the European purchasing manager’s index reaching a ten month apex and United States’ jobless figures emerging significantly lower than expected for the second week in a row.

Naturally, these statistics have been directly reflected in commodities trading.

Commodity prices expected to rally

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Commodity trading graphRecent events in the commodity markets have given traders both food for thought as well as perhaps a chance to capitalise on recent movements in certain benchmark materials. Of primary note in recent days has been the recent sell-off of gold.

After a recent liquidation, many investment houses including Barclay’s have determined that this sell-of was indeed overstretched. Therefore, the bulls are eying the precious metal once again. If we then combine this with safe haven buying in reference to a weak Eurozone economy and the ongoing deliberations taking place over the United State’s fiscal situation, many online traders are viewing gold as having reached a relatively strong level of support.

Can Chinese manufacturing offset sluggish US and Eurozone activity?

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

China ShanghaiHSBC’s purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for China has rebounded into positive territory in November, for the first time in over a year. This month’s PMI is reported at 50.4, indicating growing manufacturing output which should be bullish for industrial commodity markets.

Chinese authorities continue to ease bank lending reserve regulations, and investment and domestic consumer demand are expected to rise, potentially halting recent declines in China’s growth rate. Whether this is sufficient to counteract falling exports to the still-fragile Eurozone and USA remains to be seen.